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PART 0 : 


PART 1 : 

Awareness to Hope

PART 2 : 

Belief in God is Bad Science

  PART 2x :  EXcursion toward the Origins of the God Idea

PART 3 : 

... and even Worse Policy

  PART 3x :  EXcursion through Religious Policy Quagmires

PART 4 : 

Replace Belief in God with Confidence in the Scientific Method

PART 5 : 

... and with Trust in Yourself — to Help Solve Our Problems More Intelligently



Zen of Zero
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* The following are generous comments about this book:

  1. By "ludaesch" and posted at on 20 January 2007 at 5:35 am (Comment #18367):
    "Zoro / Grampa: I just caught a glimpse of your Zen of Zero book and I'm already thoroughly impressed. May it get widely known and become part of the 'Rationalist's Collection', just like The God Delusion, The End of Faith, Consilience, etc."
  2. Received via e-mail on 4 April 2007 from a research scientist in India whose name I haven't received permission to release:
    "I read your work posted at It is illuminating, and I consider that the work is an invaluable gift to humanity."
  3. Received via e-mail on 14 June 2008 from Atanu Dey, a Ph.D. economist who blogs at (and who, in the text, refers to my blog at
    "Thanks from the bottom of my heart. I came upon your blog and spent delightful hours reading the entries. Then I clicked to read [Part 0] of your book. Very thrilled. I don't know you, but I can tell that you are a wiser and older version of me. I will be back of course..."